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Project Description is a FREE Media Player that support audio, video and Internet radios. Play your music directly from your PC, DVD/CD or from your iPod. offers great new ways to manage your music library, to create playlist, to copy the music from one device to another one and even to burn Audio CDs. With the video library, it's easier than ever to access all of your videos. Play it, view it, organize it. You can even play several videos together. The radio catalog give acces to a set of online radios from around the world : Pop, Rock, HipHop, Dance, Classical - whatever music you like.Also, you have the ability to manage your own catalog... customize it... and let the music play.


System requirements
To use, please install the Microsot (c) .NET Framework 3.5 with the Service Pack 1.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 & SP1
Internet connection
PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista
We also recommend that you have at least a 400 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM and 50 MB free
disk space on your hard drive.

About open source
The current version of is now Open Source... in order to compile and distribute it you need to :

1 - Acquire a license of Infragistics Grid... it will be fine to replace this grid with an Open source one.

2 - Acquire a license for Bass.NET

How to join the project ?
If you are interested to join the Team to help us to improve the product send us a message here.

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